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Worcester Mini bus Hire

Amidst a bustling population of nearly 95,000 people, Worcester lays flatly within the Western portion of England's Midlands. The most pronounced attribute of Worcester that can be seen by virtually every inch of the city is the Worcester Cathedral, which was built in the twelfth century, reminiscent of the most pristine Gothic architecture. Its unusual woodwork places it in a world of its own. Few cathedrals can compete with its grandeur, for its glowing golden essence at night is quite a sensation.

Some other interesting landmarks that captivate visitors from around the world include the Fort Royal, Cripplegate Park, and Gheluvelt Park, the former was one of the historic sites fought at during the English Civil War. Gheluvelt Park was opened for the purposes of commemorating Worcestershire's second battalion.  The city is also comprised of two woodlands: Perry Wood and Nunnery Wood. The former is denoted as the place where Oliver Cromwell made that infamous pact with the devil.

Some nearby destinations from the city of Worcester include Droitwich, Kidderminster, and Wolverhampton, which lie directly north of the city. Leominster is west, Stratford-upon-Avon and Warwick are east, and lastly Gloucester and Cheltenham are south.

The major routes in Worcester include the M5 Motorway that runs near the urban areas and connects to Junctions six and seven; the city is highly accessible to just about every part of the country, even London which is 120 miles away, by taking the M5, M42, and M40. A few A roads pass through the city: the A449, the A44, which goes directly across the Worcester Bridge, the A4103 that leads to Hereford. The rail and bus systems serve many nearby cities such as Birmingham, Hereford, and Malvern, etc, as well as services to and from London. The buses make stops in Worcestershire County, Little London, Royal Grammar School, and the Foregate Street Rail Station.

Minibus Hire Worcester

The nearest airport to Worcester is the Birmingham International, which usually takes up to forty-five minutes by vehicle; the M5 and M42 are the routes to take. Although there are ample routes that can be chosen to get to one's destination, a visitor may struggle with finding the best options. Whether it's an individual or a group, a Worcester minibus hire company can assist in transportation requests. With enough time in Worcester, it becomes easy to plan the perfect routes, and learn the exact buses to take. However, in order to get to a precise location with ease as a first time visitor, oftentimes hiring a minibus service can make the experience that much easier-and it allows the individual to pay attention to the extravagant sights of England.