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Liverpool Airport Taxi Minibus and Coaches

Liverpool used to be known well because it was a major port, but in the eighteenth century its status expanded into trading, and in the nineteenth century forty percent of trade was transferred via the Liverpool port. As a result of the immense trading, Liverpool was on the map. It wasn't until later that Liverpool became known as having other important qualities: firstly, the Beatles as well as a myriad of other famous acts from the Merseybeat era. This is why today, Liverpool is an impressive tourist destination-everyone wants a piece or a sliver of the Beatles' history. A taxi or minibus hire service can pick you up at the Liverpool Airport, and take you wherever it is that you would like to go. For Liverpool Airport transfer services, a coach service can coordinate your travel plans.

One of the longest running operational airports, opened in 1933, happens to be the Liverpool Airport, which is located roughly seven miles from the city centre. Of course its name was derived from the John Lennon assassination. In recent years, the airport was the fastest growing airport, with a growth of about ten percent annually. Besdies its rapid growth, Liverpool Airport allows for private flying instructions and public transportation of travelers. The Royal Air Force Base took over the airport during World War II, and was also home to the Ship Fighter Unit. In the early nineties, the British Aerospace took about three quarters of shareholding in the company, which allowed for passenger increases, and since then there have been more improvement plans in the works. Reconstruction is occurring on the main taxiways and runways also.

For Liverpool Airport transfers, there are taxi services available 24 hours a day. Groups may want to take advantage and save cost by using a minibus hire service, thus cutting costs in half.  These transportation services are located outside the airport. A recent announcement stated that they require new investors to keep the improvements going; to take developments to another tier altogether, they plan to increase the amount of shops, lounges, and also improve the already customer friendly services.

For trips to Manchester and Liverpool, a taxi will make it happen the quickest-of course there are regular bus routes to neighboring urban areas, but oftentimes buses are time consuming and annoying to say the least. So when you step down to the curbside and out of the baggage claim, contact any airport ground transportation official to call us. Our taxi and minibus hire fleet contains the best vehicles in the business. Therefore, when you are in need of Liverpool minibus hire or Airport transfers in a timely manner, we are just a stones throw away. To downtown areas or more distant rural settings, we are ready for any trip that you have in mind.