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Salisbury Minibus and Coach hire Service

Book your Salisbury minibus now. Below is a some information about Salisbury and our serrvice.

Salisbury is immersed in a chalky substance, and the city droops gently into a valley availing all of its beauty. Salisbury appears to always be adapting to previous settlements and acquiring new characteristics as a result. The city was once known as New Sarum and Old Sarum, but quickly gave those titles away in favor of others; in the last twenty years, Salisbury has joined with additional external influences that have made it what it is today. Perhaps what Salisbury is most known for is the South Wiltshire Museum: the Stonehenge exhibition coupled with unique archaeological displays has proved a most popular attraction for decades. Moreover, the Pitt Rivers galleries retain some of the most unusual contents founded by the father of modern archaeology: Augustus Pitt Rivers. Visitors need to view the Wiltshire Museum upon arriving in Salisbury, for it is a great way to kick-off the vacation.

In order to soak up some of the leisure that Salisbury has to offer, it might be nice to steer clear of typical tourist attractions and enjoy some of the subtle, yet equally captivating points of interest. For example, there are an abundance of pubs: one in particular, the Haunch of Venison, functions in a fourteenth century building. Moreover, the City Hall is an impressive attraction that provides comedy shows and conventions of all sorts. There is also a Salisbury Racecourse at the southwest corner of the city. The Racecourse meadow displays some of the brightest luscious, natural green colours in the area. Some nearby districts within Salisbury or directly next to it include Britford, Alderbury, Ford, the Friary, Milford, Ridings Mead, and so many others.

Surprisingly, transportation in Salisbury is much more accessible than many other cities in England; taxis are prevalent; buses are running throughout the day linking up to Southhampton, Bournemouth, and Andover. The park and ride situation is top-notch, as the P& R buses run every ten minutes on the dot. The P& R systems sites are the 501 Beehive, the 502 Wilton, the 503 Britford and several other routes that allow easy access into the city. However, a reputable Salisbury minibus hire service can provide airport transfers and seaport taxi services with more precision than any bus or railway system. A taxi service can provide a professional experience, and one that is unrivaled by any other mode of transportation.