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Ely Minibus Taxi and Coach Hire

Ely Minibus Hire & Coach Hire:

There are many travel and transportation companies in the United Kingdom that provide minibuses and coaches. In the town of Ely Naz minibus hire has gained a unprecedent reputation for providing an Ely minibus hire and Ely coach hire service that is both affordable and customer orientated. We have some of the best rates in the business.
There are many other reasons why on should choose our transportation provision in the Ely area.

Quick Breakdown Of Ely Minibus and Ely Coach Service:

  • 24 hour emergency booking line.
  • Full Ely Coach Hire Service
  • Excellent  Ely minibus hire service
  • Affordable rates without compromising quality
  • All payments accepted including cash and credit cards
  • Plus much more

Call us now to book your Ely minibus hire or your Ely Coach Hire.

More Information:

Ely is a historical city in Cambridgeshire. Naz Minibus hire specialises in the provision of minibuses in this area. Here is a quick guide to the City of Ely and our service. We cover most areas including minibus hire middlesbrough

Ely, a mesmerizing cathedral city in Cambridgeshire, only become a city because of its recent acceptance of the Diocese. Ely was formed as a result of government organization in 1974 and is one of the smallest cities in England. Ely's character is consistent with a marshy type of setting, for its names means island, and its position is about a mile north of the seventh century Village of Cratendune. Of course the city was destroyed and rebuilt about a hundred years later. Today, Ely still holds some of its historic value however. The community really comes together at the weekly markets and boat races on the River Great Ouse. The best way to maneuver around the city is to hire a coach or Ely minibus hire service, because so many routes and motorways are currently in construction, so a reputable taxi service can maneuver around these impasses effectivel and minibus hire Ipswich.

The Ely Cathedral has been considered one of the seven-wonders of the world: quite an impressive feat. The cathedral is an enormous spectacle with its bronzed architecture, elongated front windows, and impressive turrets. The astounding view from the turrets looks over the Fens or the low-lying wetlands. In 1108, the Diocese of Ely was created, and the cathedral was constructed in 1083, but several hundred years later the main tower suffered a brutal collapse. The tower was rebuilt with an octagon shape. Currently, Ely is among the diocese that is 1507 square miles and contains 341 churches in the areas of Norfolk, Chelmsford, Peterborough, Essex, and Cambridge.

If you're lucky enough to see Ely on a cold winter morning, then quite possibly you have seen all that you need to. It can only be described as ghostly, mysterious, and full of inspiring vistas. In the more moderate temperatures, the French Market is replete with goods of all sorts. Locals and tourists alike find this to be a favorite spot. Moreover, Oliver Cromwell's house has been converted into a museum in this general vicinity. There are obviously many sights worth seeing in Ely, and of course due to the city's small size, the local transport plan does not seem to be a priority. The intention of course is to remove congestion, so the construction is taking place near the new roundabout junctions of Stuntney Causeway and Angel Drove. In the meantime, there are trains to London and Cambridge, but the only way to see the city in style is by requesting an Ely minibus hire and coach hire service, which can take you around the various points of interest.