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Canterbury Minibus Taxi and Coach Hire

Canterbury Minibus and Coach Hire Service:

Travelling through Canterbury is a great experience as it is considered a historical place. If you need to travel to Canterbury and are travelling as a large group then its ideal that our Canterbury coach hire facility. Alterantivly if you are looking to travell to or from Canterbury in a smaller group then its best that you utilise our minibus hire service.

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There are many reasons why you choose us for your travel requirements. Contact us via our booking form or by calling us. We promise that you will not be dissapointed.

More Canterbury Minibus and Coach Hire Information:

If you are looking to hire a minibus or a coach then we can help. We have some of the cheapest rates in the United Kingdom. If you have never been to Canterbury here is some information about the city and our service.

Canterbury was once the main settlement of the Celtic and Cantiaci tribe inhabiting most of what is currently known as Kent.  Of course the Romans pillaged shortly thereafter and rebuilt the city with public baths, brand new streets, and theatres. An imposing wall with seven gates was built to ward off neighboring enemies, which enclosed 130 acres of precious terrain. Canterbury has suffered countless invasions; throughout the tenth and eleventh centuries, the Danish raids that occurred on a regular basis appeared to strip Canterbury of all its culture and beauty. After futile attempts at fighting off these vicious attacks, they simply gave into William the Conqueror's invasion in 1066.

Like most cities in England, Canterbury has within it immense culture and history. Some sights that cannot be missed are the Canterbury Cathedral, the Mother Church of the Anglican Communion, and the remnants of Augustine's Abbey. Of course life-size models of Geoffrey Chaucer's world famous Canterbury Tales are seated in St Margaret's Church and are available for viewing. These life-like figures tell the stories, as the pilgrims may have told them. Staying true to the theme of classic literature and drama, Christopher Marlowe's theater was housed on St Margaret's Street, but is currently being rebuilt and is expected to open in 2011. Marlowe was Shakespeare's contemporary, and during the Renaissance both of them fought for their works to be performed throughout Canterbury. The last surviving Tudor theater happens to be in Casey's Bar, yet modern intervention is focused on creating more Tudor style theaters.

There is an incredible assortment of culture ready to be experienced by visitors from around the world. Canterbury is accessible by taking the A2 London to Dover Road, and it's roughly sixty miles from central London. The Council of Canterbury has placed increasing investments in creating park-and-ride systems throughout the surrounding city. There are plans in the works to create more accessible routes into Canterbury, but at this point the A28 and the A2 are the best options. Visitors with a limited amount of time in Canterbury may want to summon a taxi service to get them around the various locations successfully. Instead of dealing with the confusion of the bus stations, express coaches, and motorways, an experienced Canterbury minibus hire service is perfect for large group outings; instead of packing into several cars, one experienced driver that knows his or her way around Canterbury should definitely be an option.