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Newcastle Airport Taxi Minibus and Coach Hire

Directly north of the River Tyne lies Newcastle upon Tyne, a city settled at the Roman Pons Aelius; the name comes from the castle built by Robert II in 1080. Newcastle was once known for its coal and wool trade, but currently the city prides itself on culture, as it appears to hold one of the largest music venues in the city: Metro Radio Arena. Not only is the city filled with music, there are tons of art galleries, museums, including the Laing Art Gallery, the Newburn Hall Motor Museum, and the Discovery Museum. The city is pretty easy to maneuver around because of its three major bus companies, underground railways, and cycle routes. Of course the best way to see Newcastle is in a taxi or minibus hire service, especially for groups that require a vehicle larger than a taxi. In addition, Newcastle airport transfers are quite easily orchestrated due to all of the highly functional routes, such as the New Western Bypass, which elicits access to many neighboring destinations and landmarks.


The Newcastle upon Tyne Airport was opened in 1935 incorporating a hangar, clubhouse, workshops, garages, and a grass runway. Of course during World Way II, the main portion of the airport was located in Northumberland, but after the war energies were focused at the main place that it currently resides. Once the sixties came around, Newcastle Airport grew astronomically because of all of the British engaging in holiday tourism. More recently, the airport invested in better check-in procedures: guest services, the Airport Metro Station, there were improved coach and taxi services, and Newcastle Airport transfers could be quite accessible to passengers with relative ease. In the last ten years, the airport has significantly grown with almost twice the numbers of passengers that it handled ten years ago.

Taxis and minibus hire services can easily connect to the airport by taking the A1 trunk road near the A696 dual carriageway. Moreover, buses arrive every half hour taking passengers to and from the airport. In case you don't want to travel far after arriving in Newcastle, there are several nearby hotels to the airport: the Britannia Airport Hotel and the Premier Inn-both very nice hotels. The Newcastle Airport mainly services Wearside, Tyneside, and Northumberland.

To review what we do, our airport taxi and minibus hire services specialize in Newcastle Airport transfers to and from the airport. Although we are situated directly outside the airport, making a reservation is the preferred method for attaining our services. Our services are fast, safe, and guaranteed-convenience coupled with safety. We are flexible with reservations, as oftentimes flight times change and we just ask that you call customer service and keep us updated on your status.