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Winchester Coach Taxi and Minibus Hire

In order to navigate through this hilly city and to view its many educational facilities and landmarks,  service is a convenient, affordable option. This combined with our taxi and coach hire facilities in Winchester allows us to deliver most of your transportation requirements.

Amidst the green hills of Winchester is a Roman town, which is currently the capitol of Wessex. Winchester's most notable landmark is the cathedral, one of the biggest cathedrals in terms of its length. The local railway station includes trains operating from Southhampton, Portsmouth, London Waterloo, and Weymouth.

From the eleventh to the sixteenth century, the long Winchester Cathedral stood firmly with its gothic architecture; it was dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Recently the cathedral has begun charging its visitors to visit, but most find that the unusual shape and beauty outweighs the small price at the door. The view from the nave to the West door is quite impressive, as the hall seems to stretch into eternity. William Wynford designed and maintained the cathedral in the fourteenth century in order to house the many pilgrims of Saint Swithun. Currently, the cathedral draws the likes of many Jane Austen fans, for she was buried in the north aisle. Strangely, her gravestone does not state that she was a famous writer, and the nineteenth century marker reluctantly gave her accolades for her writing. Finally her notoriety is established and placed on a much more distinctive marker today. Anthony Trollopes' fiction novels are also set in this popular cathedral. Lastly, this cathedral can also be recognized from the film The Da Vinci Code, starring Tom Hanks. This spot makes the top-ten list for sure.

Another attractive landmark is the Winchester Castle, which is most notable for its Great Hall that housed King Arthur's Round Table; the table has been hanging in the hall for over seven hundred years. It is quite possible to see the names of the knights as they were etched into the table. The Great Hall of the castle holds a newer version of a medieval garden. This castle is a hugely popular tourist attraction, as its various changes have undergone all types of alterations: the modern law courts were changed into the King's house, which is currently the military barracks. It's interesting to note the continuous changes, over the last seven hundred years, within the castle. To visit these sights and more, there is a transit system with semi-regular hours, as well as a trolley that transports visitors to nearby shopping areas. However, the best way to experience the city is through a Winchester minibus hire service.

Instead of waiting for the next trolley or bus to arrive, the immediacy and the comfort of a taxi, minibus hire Winchester or coach hire is undeniably the best choice.