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Salford Taxi Minibus and Coach Hire

For a taxi hire company second to none, for services within Salford and surrounding areas either for businesses, groups, or individuals, our first class transportation is more than happy to assist you in any number of customer needs. Whether requests are made for those visting Salford temporarily, or for business accounts, hotel accounts, and airport transfers, etc., we welcome advanced bookings or immediate requests. Our drivers have the best advice on accommodations, restaurants, and hotels within the area.

The city of Salford is a metropolitan borough in Manchester, but to see the city for what it is, one needs to find his or her way into the Quay area, a backdrop to dozens of pubs, promenades, and cinemas. The Salford Museum and Art gallery specializes in Victorian styles, sculptures, paintings, and twentieth century art. Recently, the Lifetimes Gallery opened, exposing Salford's history as well as its present life. The Salford museum is just north of Crescent-or the A6-between Christchurch Avenue and Irwell Place. Another spectacular landmark in Salford is the Lowry, containing two impressive theatres and a variety of exhibitions. One is The Lyric, and the other is the Quays, both combined offer a stunning variety of ballet, opera, drama, comedy, music, and family entertainment. Cafes, restaurants, and shops coupled with jaw-dropping views of the water make the Lowry an impressive building, one that requires urgent attention of both Salford locals and international visitors.

The following are a few helpful tips on transportation options in minibus hire Salford: the Metro link is the most functional, yet it is actually relatively expensive, especially during non-peak hours. If the Metro is the insisted method of travel, make sure to receive a day-pass, so that you won't be charged on every small trip within the city. The nearest airport is the Manchester International Airport, ten miles south of Manchester City. Depending on whether you are alone or in a group, a coach hire service is a faster, safer trip at a relatively low cost. A Salford minibus hire service for groups, day-travelers, families, etc. is only a phone call or a holler away. Although Salford appears unassuming with regard to its variance of nightlife and history, there are definitely areas to explore in this city. The Quays, the Victorian architecture, various museums, and family entertainment actually put this place on the map. While in Manchester, take a little extra time to enjoy what Salford has to offer.