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Newcastle Minibus Taxi and Coach Hire

In North East England, amid both poverty and affluence lies Newcastle upon Tyne, or Newcastle for short. Once, Newcastle was a Roman settlement known as Pons Aelius. Similar to several other cities in England, wool trade and coal mining made up much of its industry. Of course currently many recognize the city due to a leading beer brand: Newcastle Brown Ale. Although drinking a Newcastle beer certainly does not adequately capture the experience of the city. The Tyne Bridge will capture its essence however. From a distance the bridge is shaped like an eye, due to the reflection off the water, which completes the oval shape. The Newcastle International Airport is about six miles from the city center. For services to and from the airport and popular landmarks, a Newcastle upon Tyne minibus hire, taxi, coach hire service accommodates nearly every request. Having a coach service or a minibus hire Newcastle at your beck-and-call can enable ease of travel.

To capture some history of Newcastle, the visitor should set-foot in the heart of the city: Grainger Town. These classical streets were built towards the middle of the nineteenth century, and some of the richest buildings lie on this street; namely, Theatre Royal and Grainger Market. Imagine ominous brick castles, typically four-storey with large turrets, spikes, and dormers. Unfortunately, certain areas of Grainger Town were destroyed in the seventies and with the destruction went part of its history. There are currently an inordinate amount of rebuilding ideas; namely ideas that coincide with a modernist flare.  The Eldon Square shopping centre is a vastly enriched shopping center, and it's currently in the process of redevelopment. Another huge shopping area is Northumberland Street; locals and tourists are in awe of its presence, yet slightly afraid of its prices.

The basic Newcastle transportation is the Tyne and Wear Metro, Britain's first light-rail transport system. Deep-gutted tunnels constructed underneath Newcastle meant to add to the already functional metro system, but with its new installations more areas can be served at a greater rate. Although railways are a preferred method of transportation for some, visitors should explore other options because many coach services aren't as pricey as one would think.  Rails and buses supply an adequate means of travel, but a Newcastle upon Tyne minibus hire service can offer faster transportation at alarmingly low rates. Especially for services into London, Edinburgh, and Sunderland, it's wise to employ the knowledge of a coach service for effortless access to Newcastle's history and culture.