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Coventry Airport Minibus Coach and Taxis

If you're lucky enough on your vacation to visit Coventry, then you have truly witnessed one of the largest most refreshing cities in England. Nearly a hundred miles away from London, Coventry was a great settlement area due to the fact that it provided shelter with its thick woods, mild weather, and nearby lakes and rivers. Today, Coventry is immersed in culture and the arts. To visit any of the following cultural landmarks, a taxi or minibus hire service is eager to serve you: from the Warwick Arts Center, the Belgrade Theatre, the Ricoh Arena, or perhaps you only need a Coventry airport transfer, we can help.

Coventry Airport is a small, rather exclusive airport that is strategically placed near many railways and transportation systems. Only sixty miles from London, only thirty-five minutes from London with a helicopter transfer, the airport is easily accessible. The airport was opened in 1936; it was once used as a station for the Royal Air Force, but was just about destroyed in the Luftwaffe bombing in 1940. It was rebuilt for passenger and freighting usage. Coventry is infamous for its crash in 2008 whereby two aircraft collided during their descent into Coventry; the planes involved were a Rand and a Cesna. Of course these occurrences are quite rare, but they are unavoidable nonetheless. Of course there are ample transportation choices for visitors of Coventry, but we are convinced that you will be happier with a minibus hire service for all of your Coventry Airport transfer needs. In addition the airport's main usage, it once served as a hub for Thomsonfly. Recently, Thomsonfly announced that they would no longer work with Coventry Airport, resulting in far less scheduling regularity; moreover, Coventry Airport is functional for commercial use, although there have been times when the airport only functioned for freighting and private use, but now legally it must serve the public as well; hence the reason for including a description.

For taxi services in and around Coventry Airport, we are on-hand, for the moment you step off of the plane and outside the airport doors. Our minibus hire service is the top-tier of transportation services. We do our best to analyze your itinerary, so you do not have to. We don't just take care of your Coventry Airport transfers; we like to think of ourselves as tour-guides-friendly drivers that adhere to your immediate needs, and for your planned outings as well. If you've seen the size of Coventry, you know that you will need a reliable friend-a friend that knows your interests and knows your plans. We would like to think of ourselves as that. Instead of stepping onto a train or bus filled with passengers, we can make your trip much more enjoyable.