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Lichfield Minibus and Coach Hire

Naz Minibus Hire can help you attain a minibus or coach hire services in Lichfield. Below is a quick guide to the City of Lichfield.

The city of Lichfield is home to some of the most dominant industries. Brewing was the fundamental industry in the late nineteenth century, whereas currently there is no one particular industry that dominates, but Lichfield is replete with the most well renowned bath manufacturers as well as the prominent Arthur Price silversmiths and cutlers. Lichfield is seated nearly 16 miles from Birmingham and about 120 miles from London. It is perhaps most famous for its multi-spired cathedral, and the fact that it is the birthplace of one of the first authoritative dictionary writers of the English language: Dr. Johnson. Another great feature regarding Lichfield is that it has not yet been inundated by industries; in fact it still retains most of its old-world character in the form of spear-like cathedrals and other uninflected monuments. Strangely enough, because of a sour economic downturn, the growth of industry, namely shopping centers, has actually halted; thus preserving its character for that much longer.

The Erasmus Darwin House, the Cannock Chase, and the distinctive Tudor buildings are a few worthy sights to see in Lichfield. The Erasmus house displays some of Darwin's most famous poetical works, as well as the recent implementation of decorated parlours and gardens. The house can be divided into many unique rooms and can each be utilized for a variety of requests: weddings, corporate events, and conferences, etc. Use our Lichfield minibus hire and Lichfield coach hire program to vist these locations in style. Moreover, the Cannock Chase unfurls some of the most glorious natural beauty of all surrounding areas in England. An illumination of golden fields and grey threaded trees avail a spectacularly unrivaled landscape. Lastly, the Tudor style architecture in Lichfield stands firmly still, although Elizabethan architecture has tried furiously to sweep it away during the Renaissance period.

Lichfield contains the following modes of transportation: bus routes that work in tandem with trains of Birmingham Road; the A38 motorway allows easy vehicle access to a myriad of parks and shopping areas.  However, the best way for travelers to reach the main part of Lichfield City is at the Trent Valley Station, which takes passengers to Liverpool, Manchester, Stafford, and Tamworth. The Birmingham International Airport is only sixteen short miles from Lichfield and if you require a minibus hire we can provide them at competative rates. Also the same applies to our coach hire program. Whatever the destination, and minibus hire Middlesbrough service can transport groups to their chosen destinations; whether one wants to visit shopping areas in Lichfield, or he or she wants to visit the cultural monuments and cathedrals, reliable transportation is only a phone call away.