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Minibus Hire and Coach Hire In Southampton

On the South end of England is Southampton, a city full of varying cultures and a population of roughly 230,000 within its boundaries. The docks have employed many natives, while other jobs consist of education, property, and retail, to name a few. Perhaps what makes Southampton unique is its stretch of medieval walls and numerous museums. The majority of transportation is by bus, stagecoach, railways, and coach hire services. For reliable, professional transportation twenty-four hours a day, a Southampton minibus service whether local or long distance can meet your requirements.

While visiting Southampton, the Maritime Museum inside the Wool House has information on famous ocean liners, including a Titanic memorial currently in the works. Its goal is to present the facts as they were, to create the real story and history behind the artifacts, the city, and its people. The Wool House during the early fifteenth century stored wool to be transported to Italy for commerce. Oddly enough, the museum's functions were altered slightly five hundred years later, as it became a prison that held Napoleonic prisoners during the war. Besides the museums that capture a sliver of Southampton's history, its current performance venues also deserve an equal spot in the limelight. The enormous Mayflower Theatre on Commercial Road puts on some of the most famous shows including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Rocky Horror Show, and Les Miserables. Moreover, many more spectacular musicals grace the Mayflower stage, so for those that enjoy entertainment of that nature, whether they are on vacation or just enjoying a night out ought to plan accordingly.

For transportation to hotels, airports, conferences, as well as the city's finest culture, a Southampton minibus hire company provides services year round for groups or individuals. The minibuses are especially useful for those with excessive luggage. Our Minibus Hire Southampton service prides itself on courtesy and giving the customers exactly what they need. Moreover, our vehicles undergo routine inspection and are replaced far before they ever become a nuisance. In addition, all drivers must not have criminal records, and they must possess diversified knowledge of the city. When all this criteria is satisfied, a driver is selected for employment. VI Coach Hire Southampton also provides this coahc service. It is always wise to pre-book services if possible, although for routine trips to Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, port transfers, etc., it's not necessary.   We understand that oftentimes plans change, and people enjoy spontaneity.