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Peterborough Minibus Hire and Coach hire

Peterborough Minibus Hire and Coach hire services are availible here. Below is some information about the city of Peterborough and our Peterborough minibus hire service.

Peterborough, slightly east of dead center in England, is noted for its gothic cathedrals and the prestigious River Nene that surges into the North Sea. Some areas in Peterborough are actually below sea level. Like just about every town in England, remnants of the Roman invasion are quite apparent in the left over archaeological sites, e.g., Flag Fen. Of course the inundation of modern industrial enterprises of the nineteenth century caused quite an impressive influx of new people into the city. Its main source of industry was in brick manufacturing, yet nowadays banking has usurped the previous industries of Peterborough. Civil wars have ravaged this city for ages. The supporters of King Charles I (the Cavaliers), were opposed by those of the Long Parliament (the Roundheads). Beautiful chapels, cathedrals and monuments were destroyed forever, as were a lot of precious human lives.

The arts in Peterborough pristinely reflect its history and culture, for it would be entirely unwise to miss out on any of them: the Key Theatre, the Odeon Cinema, and the Cresset are some reputable venues that hold the key to Peterborough's past. Furthermore, a diverse range of restaurants are found in this beautiful city: Chinese, Indian, Mexican Polish, and Japanese cuisine make up only some of the varying tastes. The Key Theater situated next to the River Nene provides consistent, quality educational and cultural entertainment.  The reemergence of the Odeon Theatre used to supply Broadway entertainment, but a recent fire has placed it in a state of disrepair. The recent conception of  "Art and Soul" magazine is an informative, national piece. It offers guidance on the best local artistry for travelers that want to immerse themselves in the culture of Peterborough. Some other sights that are imperative to see include the Burghley House, the Longthorpe Tower, the Nene Valley Railway, and lastly the Forest of Rockingham. Visiting any number of these locations via minibus hire or coach hire and it will certainly add to the qualitative experience of Peterborough.

Peterborough's nearest airport is the Nottingham East Midlands airport.  Transportation typically takes about an hour and a half by train. For groups that want to travel in style and comfort, a Peterborough minibus hire company is easily accessible. Instead of relying merely on limited knowledge of the city's historical and cultural sights, hiring a minibus service can make all the difference. Of course the railways can offer a unique experience while enjoying the city, but for specific engagements that require prompt and comfortable service, hiring a transportation service is often the perfect choice.