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Humberside Airport Minibus Taxi and Coaches

Humberside, a non-metropolitan county until 1996, was comprised of land surrounding the Humber estuary; hence the name. In April 1996, it was abolished to make way for its merging with other unitary authorities: East Riding of Yorkshire, Kingston Upon Hull, North East Lincolnshire, and North Lincolnshire. For routes to all of those areas, a minibus hire service or a regular taxi are the preferred transportation method-taxis are the best choice for Humberside airport transfers as well. In 1976, the Humberside County Council created a competition to design the coat of arms, and the winner was a Mr. E.H. Cook from Thorngumbald. The shield that he designed is a map of the county, while at the bottom a fleurs-de-lis represents Lincolnshire. The crest consists of a blue eagle rising out of the flames, conducive to an emerging authority and the fading of an old one.

The Humberside Airport is located at Kirmington, just north of Kingston upon Hull and Scunthorpe. For a relatively small airport, which happens to be owned by the Manchester Airports group (MAG), its functionality competes with some of the larger international airports. The MAG is currently reviewing the airport strategy, and many of its functions are undergoing consideration for possible alterations. There is actually competition that comes from the East Midlands Airport, which opened in 2005; many of the flights that operate out of East Midlands have a substantially larger range of flights and aviation. An hourly bus service is available near the airport, but many passengers find fault because they are often waiting for what seems like an insurmountable amount of time; passengers are often exhausted when exiting the plane and the thought of waiting an hour for a bus is a bit daunting. For taxi and minibus services to and from Humberside Airport, book ahead of time to avoid waiting. Surprisingly, for the size of the airport, there is a lot of general aviation activity with many resident aviation clubs and organizations. This is due in part to the low landing and handling fees. Moreover, Humberside has a CAA public license, which allows flying instruction and public transport of passengers. Humberside airport transfers to various destinations and tourist areas are easy to come by at this airport.

Some of the major issues people have with selecting a taxi or minibus hire service is because they are afraid the drivers have not undergone inspection and are not authorized to work in Humberside. Our drivers are all licensed and trained; they go above and beyond customer expectations and will offer any help when needed as far as advice on hotels, attractions, etc. Humberside Airport transfers are our specialty, so whether you need a taxi or minibus hire, we will provide the solution to your traveling quarries.