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Gloucester Coach Hire and Minibus Hire

Naz Minibus hire is a company that is dedicated in catering for the transportation requirements of its customers. If you looking for a minibus hire service in Gloucester then call us now or fill in the online form. If you are looking for a taxi or a coach hire service you can book now by calling us. If you have not been to Gloucester then here is a quick guide and information about our services.

Gloucester, England's pristine, blue canals mirror the sky's reflection and tantalize the eager traveler, as he or she admires the quietly soft waterways in serenity. Perhaps one can hear voices and faint music in the distance; every three years Gloucester holds the Three Choirs festival that once began in the eighteenth century and still thrives today; the next festival is set for 2010. The city's most prominent hall is the Guildhall, which plays host to a variety of entertainment, namely live music and dance. We have found that travelling to this area via minibus hire is the best way. In addition to Gloucester's artistic flare, sports are also a profoundly relevant theme: world cup rugby takes place in Kingsholme Stadium, and the Kings's School holds recurring cricket tournaments. Gloucester is absolutely gorged with Sports activities for both serious competitors and novices alike. From amateur swimming competitions, to the professional British American Football League, sporting events are sure to find themselves in this city, next to the River Severn.

Areas that beckon the traveler to its sights include the Gloucester Cathedral, which was dedicated to St. Peter in the late seventh century. Moreover, King Edward II was buried at this cathedral. For those that are certain that the cathedral looks familiar in some way, many scenes from the Harry Potter movies were filmed at this rich, ominous cathedral nestled near the river. The cathedrals and monuments so abundant in the cities of England have an aged quality, a pure mystique that cannot go unnoticed. It's no mistake that the mere appearance of these buildings can often shock the spectator, leaving him or her in a state of excitement and awe. The rough grey and white textile walls, the piercing tips of the cathedral, and the giant panes of glass that fall smoothly from the top of the structure are testament to the brilliant architecture; the absolutely perfect attention to detail explains why cathedrals of this nature are in fact here to stay. It would be a shame to miss the Gloucester Cathedral-put it on the list of sights to see.

Main Towns and villages that our coverage includes:

| Barnwood | Churchdown | Hempstead | Hucclecote | Innsworth | Longford | Matson | Tuffley

At the east of Gloucestor, one should take the M5 Motorway; Junction 11 and 12 serve Central as well as North Gloucester. Gloucester links to Severn Estuary by several canals that can be navigated by coasters. For travelers in groups that want to avoid getting lost in this condensed city of streets, canals, and waterways, a Gloucester minibus hire service is the perfect choice for travel by land. Luxurious seats, air conditioning, and large panoramic windows are just a few perks that come with these elite minibus services. Safety and reliability are among the most important factors for a minibus service, in addition to punctuality and years of experience; sit back and experience the comfort and luxury of a reputable taxi service, while arriving at any variety of destinations.