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Chester Minibus Taxi and Coach Hire

Chester Minibus and Coach Hire:

Our Chester minibuis hire and coach hire service is extremely reliable and affordable. We have numerous vehicles from small taxis all teh wway up to large double decker coaches. We offer our minibus hire and coach hire through out Chester whether it be to or from the city.

Our Chester Minibus Hire and Chester Coach Hire Service Includes:

  • Reliable Drivers To Ensure Quality Service
  • Full Fleet of Minibuses and Coaches
  • Exeptionally Competative Prices and Rates
  • Can Cater for Large Groups as Well as Small
  • Plus Much More

Book your minibus and coach hire service with us. We will do our best to provide you with transportation that best suits your budget and travel requirements. Call us on the telephone above and see if we can help you.

More Information:

Chester was perhaps the strongest of all cities in England because it was preserved the longest; the Normans had sacked all of the neighboring cites first, per William the Conqueror's brutal demands. The historical contents are still decently preserved, as proven by the city walls that are still intact. Like so many cities of England, Chester is steeped in Victorian architecture. Besides the ornamental features that are still prevalent, its culture seems to reflect recent and distant history. Transportation throughout Chester and minibus in Reading is mainly through the numerous canals, but there are also an abundance of railways that were built during the Industrial revolution. There is no doubt that seeing Chester from the perspective of a moving train is exciting, but for trips that require a more urgent, focused need, a Chester minibus hire service can complete that request.

In the center of Chester, some of the most prominent shops exist in rows and galleries, offering some of the oldest medieval merchandise. Indoor markets like The Grosvenor Mall and the Forum seem to activate the Roman past, leaving spectators in a state of suspended disbelief. Besides the existence of retail stores, Chester is also a university town. The University of Chester offers graduate and postgraduate study, as well as the fact that it holds one of the most prolific academic research facilities in the UK. Although the main reason to visit Chester probably has to do with viewing the durable city walls that held Chester together for so long. In fact, there are still artifacts scattered throughout the city. In addition, Northgate Street holds a lot of black-and-white architecture that aches to be seen. Lastly, the Medieval Chester Castle is still surrounded by the rugged city walls, and the castle stands atop a luscious green hill, which overlooks the River Dee. Within the confines of the castle are neoclassical buildings built in the late seventeenth century by Thomas Harrison.

Everyone has probably heard of the terrible Dee Bridge disaster of 1847: the bridge literally collapsed as a train passed over it. Much later, investigative inquiries found that the bridge had been made of soft iron beams, and those beams could not respond to the overbearing strength of the trains. Currently, the city is replete with major roads to Liverpool, the Wirral peninsula, and eventually there will be some that enter into Manchester. There are plans for new and improved bus systems, but until then it may be wise to summon a Chester minibus hire service.

Please keep in mind that our service extends to Chester coach hire and Chester minibus hire and taxis within this region.