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Kirkcaldy Minibus Coach With Driver

Kirkcaldy is located on the east coast of Scotland, and in the nineteenth century, the town became known for its connection to linoleum. Currently, the town now belongs to three major public parks, many shopping areas, and Europe's longest street fair. In addition, the Adam Smith College actually has three campuses spread throughout the town. To view these campuses in-person, a Kirkcaldy minibus hire service can take you there personally. There is actually some unique culture to be discovered in the town, namely the Kirkcaldy Museum and Art Gallery, which has a noble collection that has been created by the Scottish Colourists denoting the history of the town. A Kirkcaldy coach hire service can take you headfirst into the town's heritage.

Each year the famous Links Market takes place on the promenade, and the 700th anniversary took place in 2004. In addition, there is a Kirkcaldy Pageant that was initiated in 1923, so that the town could raise money for nearby hospitals. Many visitors enjoy the many sporting events that take place in the town; specifically, rugby, ice hockey, and football are the main sports. To get to the Fife Ice Arena in order to catch a hockey game, a Kirkcaldy minibus service can drop you off to prevent you from the many parking issues that take place at popular sporting events. If sports are not your thing, there are certainly many landmarks to suit your fancy. A Kirkcaldy coach hire service that knows the area and can provide vital information about the city is always preferred.

The town centre in Kirkcaldy holds some extremely old churches, and the Square Norman tower of the old Kirk is definitely worth seeing; its decaying red bricks still resonate dimly, for it is impossible to not gain a better appreciation for the town after seeing landmarks like this. A Kirkcaldy minibus hire service can take your group wherever you'd like to go. The Sailor's Walk, The Dunnikier House, and the Ravenscraig Castle are just a few names to look out for when visiting the town. For the ladder is absolutely breathtaking, as it slopes downward on a bed of grass, giving way to monumental, surrounding views. At one time, this castle was utilized for defence against cannons, as the thickness of the walls had apparently deterred many. A Kirkcaldy coach hire service familiar with history such as this can only make your trip more enjoyable.