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In the southwest area of Farnham, in what is often referred to as a market town, Alton is known for its battle against the Danes. We have taken many people around this area through our minibus and coach hire service.It was 1001 when the Danish invaded areas of England, and in the course of doing so, there was burning, pillaging, and utter destruction. At the moment when forces reached Alton, men gathered together, fighting against opposing forces, and many of their members were picked from Hampshire: roughly 81 of the English had been killed, some of which were high-stewards. In order to get around Alton, to visit the many markets, landmarks, and fairs, a minibus service is the fastest and most enjoyable way to get around.

Located in the Domesday Book of 1086, Alton is shown to have quite a lucrative market, and it can be found under the name of Aoltone. There was also a treaty that took place in 1101, which was signed by a William the Conqueror's son, Robert; the treaty was also signed by his brother, who was Henry I of England. Both brothers met in Alton for negotiations of the treaty, and the major street running through the city was called Normandy Street; the name most likely had something to do with the treaty. An Alton coach hire or a Alton Minibus Hire service familiar with famous locations like this is instrumental when dealing with getting around the area.

The Alton Westbrook Fair and the the VI Coach Hire Belfast at Alton Eastbrook Fair are events to remember, as they are rooted deep in history and held on Crown Close, which resides in the Alton manner. Fanny Adams, whose mark is left somewhere in the Victorian Era, had been murdered, and the perpetrator, Frederick Baker, had been one of the last individuals in Winchester to become executed. In the Crown Public House, a notice that mentions his hanging can be found there, and as for Fanny Adams, her grave still resides in the Alton Cemetery. For those that wish to pay their respect, an informed Alton  coach hire driver will take travelers to and from the cemetery.

Some more recent developments include the New Town Hall, a rail that connects to London, Alton Maltings Centre, Alton Magistrates Court, Alton Community Center, and a lot more. Alton Morris is a dance team developed roughly twenty years ago and has been performing everywhere throughout the UK and the Alton street events. Lastly, Minibus Hire Belfast The local choirs, established in the twenties, also perform consistently throughout the town, and they are mentioned as having an eclectic style.

Alton minibus hire and coach hire is available from us.