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Alloa Minibus Coach Hire

In a tiny burgh of Scotland, just east of Sterling, the town of Alloa had at one time placed a huge amount of importance on its commercialism. The town was once a thriving river port, in which production and transport of goods was made easily accessible to most of Europe. Until somewhat recently, one of the major producers had been coal mining, in addition to an expanding waggonway to transport coal to nearby harbours. At the time, the Earls of Mar had owned these mines, and there were several local engineers that had provided utilities, namely power and water from the Gartmorn Dam. Although today, the dam is not really used for producing energy and such, it can be used for fishing and other leisurely activities. A coach hire that is familiar with the history of the town can take travelers to various areas and can sometimes provide insider knowledge of its history.

In addition, both weaving and glassmaking had made quite an impression on local industry; even the brewing industry had found its way into Alloa, producing at least eight popular ales. But in the late twentieth century, the industry waned quite a bit, which aided, unfortunately, in the decline of the town. Only several hundred years ago, the census hovered somewhere around 6,500. For those that take interest in famous or notable individuals that lived in the town, they may be fascinated by the fact that George Brown had been born in Alloa, a Canadian politician. Also, Lord Charles Forte had been raised here. To visit some of the thriving areas in which these notable individuals lived, a minibus can take your group to them, or to the wonderful Rumbling Bridge, Trust House Forte, and Lord Charles Forte.

As far as visible landmarks are concerned, the Alloa tower, which was the medieval residence of the Erskines is certainly worth seeing; the tower is definitely a wonder to the senses. Even though so much of the tower has been remodeled both internally and externally, the tower still holds on to a lot of its wooden roofing, as well as some of its characteristic features on the inside. Individuals may wish to take a minibus or coach to get this tower, and even to some of the exquisite churches nearby. The Church of Scotland happens to be a Presbyterian Church that has been manipulated by the Scottish Reformation, and many of its roots go as far back as the earliest proliferation of Christianity in Scotland.

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