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Aldershot has been known for quite some time because of its connection to the British Army, and as a result of this, a nearby Victorian town was created. In 1972, there was a huge mainland IRA attack, e.g., seven people were killed in a car bomb, and the entire thing was based on a revenge plot for shootings that occurred in Derry, which hade been known as Bloody Sunday. On the site of the attack, there has been a memorial placed for those killed in the violent attacks. To get to the memorial site, an Aldershot minibus hire service will easily transport your group.

The Aldershot Observatory is pretty exciting: a red-brick building with a rounded roof has a giant telescope, which has been mounted appropriately to German standards and has a mount as well as a clockwork drive. Patrick young Alexander had gifted this observatory so that the British Army could utilize it, and interestingly enough, proof of this is seen in the plaque at the door of the observatory. Basically, the plaque reads the following: "Presented to the Aldershot Army Corps by Patrick Y Alexander Esq 1906".

On Station Road, there are bus stations and railway stations for the majority of locals and visitors, but to see the town when under a limited time constraint, individuals may wish to bypass these standardized methods. A coach service that understands the city, a company that knows exactly how to get to the Duke of Wellington statue, built by Matthew Wyatt, can often make the difference between an enjoyable trip and simply a mediocre one.

In the Blackwater valley, Aldershot has a complete retail centre on Wellington Street and Union Street which can be visited using our minibus hire and coach hire service. a So now there are simply too many shops that have become empty, but the good news is that the possibility of expansion is more than likely, especially in the form of shopping outlets. There are also many sporting events that take place in Aldershot, and a minibus hire service can transport an individual or a small group to the events taking place, whether it is tennis, stock car racing, the Olympics, bowling, greyhound racing, football, or many other popular sports. Some of those popular sporting facilities include the Aldershot Garrisson Sports Center, the Aldershot Pools and Lido, and the Dry Ski Centre, as well as several others.